Blockpact Capital

Leadership Team

Anurag Rao


He is highly experienced with marketing, fundraising and strategy for blockchain projects. Anurag is constantly looking for new avenues and ventures to get involved with. He has spent the last 4 years in the space and is very well experienced in it and is a part of many exclusive circles of early adopters and builders.

Pranav Shivram


With a degree in law and a deep rooted passion for blockchain technology, Pranav is an expert at research and has a keen eye for identifying promising projects and companies at very early stages. His attention to detail and curiosity about things outside of his domain set him up apart.

Divij Sood


A communications and marketing specialist, Divij is someone who deeply understands a product’s users and it’s community. With first hand experience at a number of hugely successful blockchain companies in various roles, he is extremely well connected to both, the leaders and the users of the space.

Sriram Natarajan


A computer science graduate and business development professional, Sriram brings with him a unique, dual perspective. As an accomplished blockchain developer and carrying experience at multiple tech startups, he knows what it takes for a company to succeed from the inside and out.